Monday, March 9, 2009

An iPhone to Match Your Kicks

Here's a fashion tip that's certain to turn heads. The tight slide and smooth glide of an iPhone 'Incase' is a must have if you're all about gadget protection. Pulling off a classic mix-and-match affair with your iPhone case and a new pair of Nike Air Max is certain to land you a top spot on VH1's 'Tool Academy'.

Sporting this copper and fluorescent green matching combo will instantly transform your look from bland to blammo! From nerd to... WORD! Or maybe something even better.

It's been rumored of late that certain iPhone case makers are working closely with sneaker manufacturers to release branded cases with color palettes matching their latest designs. Creating a Mac-tastic pairing impossible for any true iPhone fashionista to resist. Just add a coordinating belt and a you'll be rockin' 1980's retro chic.

$34.95 by Incase [photo credit] [Style Guide: Space Invaders]